Thursday, October 8, 2009

Most Popular Upcoming PS3 Games You Should Not Miss

Sony PlayStation 3 is designed to fulfill all of your gaming pleasures especially with the right games. Here are the most popular upcoming games to watch out for!

NCAA 09 Basketball

Do you want some hard court action at home? If so then order for your own copy of NCAA 09 Basketball!

Formerly named as NCAA Mega March Madness, the latest installment to the series comes with a new game engine

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Choose a Bottle of Wine

So, you've finally hooked up with that girl you've been oogling at work and you're on your first date at a local Italian restaurant. You already know you want some spaghetti, but you're on a date and you want to impress your woman. One great way to do so is by ordering some wine. If you've aren't much of a connoisseur, don't pretend to know what you're doing and order the most expensive bottle. Instead, read through this article and learn just enough to know what to do.

The best and easiest thing to do is simply to order something you've heard of. If you already know of a wine that's good, simply order a glass. Or if you know the wine is good, order a bottle and impress your date (plus if the date works out, you'll have something to remember it by). The good thing about ordering what you know is that it's safe. That could also be a bad thing because you could miss up the opportunity to try something new. Because even if you like a wine, it doesn't mean your date will have the same taste.

Every restaurant carries different wine, so if there's nothing you recognize and if you're going to try something new (and it's advised that you should), ask for the restaurant's wine list. This way, you'll be able to see how much each wine costs and the wine's country of origin without having to ask. From there, you can simply order something at random or ask your date. You never know when you'll come across a great new wine. And even if the wine you order isn't any good, it could still end up being a fun experience: Remember back on our first date how terrible that wine was!?

The last option is simply to just ask. Ask for a wine list and then after looking through it for a while, don't be afraid to ask the waiter which wines are good. He'll usually offer a few selections based on different types of taste. From there, try a glass. Remember, it's only a first date; so unless you're made of money, don't spend too much (you're only trying to impress her a little bit). Only order a single glass per meal (some restaurants will think it rude when people ask for a second glass if you didn't like the first) and don't ever tell the restaurant that their wine wasn't any good or that you didn't care for it.

A few things to remember are that the waiter usually offers you the cork to the bottle you're drinking from. If you're only ordering a glass, and not a bottle, don't hesitate to take up his offer. Remember to swirl your glass and to breathe in the aroma before and while you're drinking. Swirling it in your mouth a little can also be a nice feeling and may exaggerate the taste. Many people are intimidated about ordering wine, but as long as you have a basic understanding of what to do, it will almost always be worth it and be a good experience.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Effects of Absinthe - Fact or Fiction

Absinthe is one of those mysterious beverages that combines a certain mystique with a sense of wonder. Throughout its storied history, even absinthe connoisseurs have wondered at the mysteriously seductive powers of the "Green Fairy." Long popular with late 19th and early 20th century French Impressionist artists and writers, the seemingly psychedelic abilities inspired by the alcoholic beverage aroused curiosity in even the most conservative sampler.

In its purest form, absinthe is a powerful herbal liqueur. The invention of the "Green Fairy" is most commonly attributed to France's Dr. Pierre Ordinaire in 1792. However, most experts believe Ordinaire was a physician who romanticized about the herbal tonic's healing capabilities and capitalized on the possibility of absinthe's commercial use.

The earliest references to absinthe derivatives are attributed to two Herriod sisters in the Neuchatel region of France as far back as the 1750's. Regardless of the "Green Fairy's" origins, the French made the drink famous when the Pernod Fills Absinthe Company was founded in 1805 in the village of Pontarlier in the quiet Doubs region of rural France near the foothills of the Jura Mountains. Absinthe was also produced near Couvet in Switzerland, but it was the French who embraced the bitter herbal beverage and undertook active distilling.

The first absinthe distillery was run by Henri-Louis Pernod who oversaw the manufacture of the company's two stills. Pernod Fills Absinthe produced about 16 liters of Absinthe per day in those early years. The limited quantities did nothing to decrease the mystique associated with the liqueur.

By the early 1800's Absinthe Alcohol fast became one of Europe's favorite drinks. France dubbed the herbal liqueur La fee verte or the Green Fairy. As the popularity of absinthe grew, so did Pernod Fills' ability to produce the drink. Henri-Louis Pernod's son, Louis purchased 36,000 square meters of land alongside the Doubs River and constructed a factory capable of manufacturing 400 liters per day. At the time of his death, his successors Fritz and Louis-Alfred Pernod operated 26 stills and produced 20,000 liters of absinthe per day.

The Pernod boys were financed by the Veil-Picard Swiss banking family and by the famous Swiss engineer, Arthur Borel. Borel was responsible for innovative distilling methods and for creating the effective bottling and packaging equipment that allowed for bulk distribution of the alcohol throughout Europe. The Pernod-Borel combination was a good one. Pernod Fills soon became one of France's most successful companies.

As successful as the company was, one of their more remarkable accomplishments was their enlightened approach to women's rights. The company relied heavily upon its female employees and Pernod Fills responded by treating the women humanely, providing insurance against accidents and even developing a profit sharing and pension system as early as 1873.

As a strong herbal liqueur, absinthe is distilled with many flavorful herbs including anise, veronica, fennel, lemon balm, angelica, licorice, hyssop, Florence Melissa, and Roman wormwood. The modern absinthe has a distinctive flavor of anise or licorice. Other variations may use angelica root, sweet flag, dittany leaves, coriander or other mountain herbs.

In the early 1900's, absinthe, in its original form, was banned by Switzerland and France. The original herbal liqueur is still banned in the U.S. The culprit is wormwood or Thujone. It was believed that absinthe was so powerful that not only did it unleash the creative juices but also it became addictive with disturbing side effects.

Absinthe is marketed over the counter in the U.S. but not in the original form. Most of Europe has lifted bans against the variations of the beverage. Today, absinthe is most commonly used as a mixer for classic cocktail recipes. This is a far cry from portrayals of absinthe imbibers by Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec, who revealed disillusioned patrons overcome with absinthe. Perhaps the closest commercial grade absinthe is Absente, which has developed a balance that neutralizes the licorice flavor.

The "Green Fairy" bears a lot of history and a lot of romance. With each sip, the herbal liqueur takes you back to a different time and a different place and that is just part of the mystique.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chinese Cooking Sauces: An Extra Something To Make Your Dishes Delicious

Chinese cooking and sauces go hand in hand. There cannot be one without the other and for good reason too! These two are main components in Chinese culinary culture. Usually, American Chinese cooking uses vegetables and the sauces are generally used as garnishing or to prepare authentic recipes. It is important to know that in Chinese dishes, many types of spices are used, and even more sauces are utilized. Fried rice, noodles and Manchurian are the three common dishes which are prepared using different varieties of sauces and tastes absolutely delicious.

In America, Chinese cooking sauces are better known as dipping sauces and as a cooking sauce to prepare chicken. In earlier times, the sweet and sour sauce that we all have grown to love began as a basic sauce that was used in preparing fish in different parts of the world. When this humble sauce made its way to America, the concept of ketchup was brought forward. This paved the way for popular American-Chinese dishes like the sweet and sour chicken. Other types of sauces that are widely used with Chinese meals include the Chinese dipping sauce, chilli oil, garlic sauce, oyster sauce and the ever-popular sweet and sour sauce. Besides being used in meals, these sauces can also be used in preparing fried rice or noodles.

Chinese appetizers like spring rolls and pot stickers are normally complemented by the Chinese dipping sauce. This and other Chinese cooking sauces are usually served and presented in little bowls along with the other dishes. Chilli oil is delicious when added into stir fried dishes or noodles. This oil is made from chilli peppers and can enhance the flavors of your dishes. The sweet and sour sauce is made from sugar and wedding vinegar. You can try adding some tomato sauce to the sweet and sour sauce. This will guarantee you a mouth-watering meal.

These different types of Chinese cooking sauces can be incorporated into your everyday meals to make it appetizing and delightful. Another example, the hot mustard sauce is very often used as a dip in Chinese dishes such as egg rolls and spring rolls. The hot mustard dip also goes well with other appetizers. Another sauce which can also be used as a dip or for cooking is the garlic sauce. What you would need is oyster sauce added with finely shredded garlic.

Chinese cooking sauces are very much favored in Chinese cooking as it adds instant flavor to any dish you cook. There are many varieties which could easily be adapted into your cooking, thus can be easily used with other dishes that you love. Be adventurous, and experiment with all the different types of cooking sauces. Add different ingredients to them and find one that suits your palate. You will find that by utilizing Chinese cooking sauces and dips, your cooking will evolve into more scrumptious and appetizing dishes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cashing In On Cooking Contests

Do you have a mouth-watering dish that everyone loves? Do friends call and beg you to bring your culinary masterpiece to their next dinner party? Are you starting to suspect that the only reason that you're on so many party lists is because of that dish? Well, my friend, it sounds to me like you just might be cooking contest material!

Winning a cooking contest can mean a lot more that hearing some hearty burps after a panel of judges devourer your great-grandmother's rhubarb pie recipe. If you're lucky enough to win the Pillsbury Bakeoff, for example, then you'll be taking home a very tasty one million dollars and a complete state of the art kitchen.

Many cooking contests are sponsored by food companies who are looking for new and unique ways to sell their products. They generate a lot of publicity for their company and sales of their food items go up correspondingly. Some contests are sponsored by cookbook publishers and food or home and garden magazines. People love to get new recipes and they'll snap up a magazine that's full of the best of the best from the latest contest.

While not every contest gives away 1 million dollars, there are lots of $5,000, $10,000 and bigger prizes out there as well as contests that award new appliances, home kitchen makeovers, and lots of other things that you've probably always wanted but couldn't justify dishing out the dough to buy. There's a huge number of smaller contests where you can win prizes including recipe books, aprons and more while you learn how to develop recipes the judges love.

Entering a cooking contest is easier than you think; and if you follow some simple rules, you could be stirring up a pot of money with Uncle Al's Meat Chili Pie, or Grandma's heritage cake. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Rule #1 is: Follow the rules

Don't assume that some requirement in the rules isn't important. Many people get disqualified from entering contests because they ignored one of the small or even one of the big rules. For example, if the rules say to print your name in block letters on a 3x5 unlined file card, then don't type your name on the back of a napkin. Keep a copy of the rules in front of you when filling out and responding to the contest application and check each item off as you complete it. You'll be crying like an onion peeler if you lose the one million dollars because you didn't pay attention.

Rule #2: Make your dish sound delish!

Did you ever notice that finer restaurants serve 'fresh brook trout lightly sauted in a demi glaze sauce with toasted almonds, fresh truffles and baby asparagus,' while the corner hash slinger serves 'Broiled Fish and Vegetables?' Making it sound delicious the first step down the path towards winning that prize.

Rule #3: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And your panel of beholders, the judges, aren't going to spend too much time over a dish that looks like it was served in the mess hall of the 4077th MASH unit. Arrange your dish professionally. Presentation is the next step down that path.

Rule #4: Taste.

Your goal is to elicit a silent but honest 'Oh my, this is the best chili I have ever tasted in my life' comment from every judge that slurps from their spoon. After all, if they can get better chili out of a can then you're not blue ribbon material in spite of how good your dish sounds or looks.


No one can win every contest. If the cook-off bug bites you then keep on cooking until you take home the big one. Remember, there's only one grand prize, but somebody's got to win it. Learn a bit more every time that you lose and, one day, you could be spending one million dollars!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coffee And Tea - Caffeine Source Revealed

Caffeine, that magical element in coffee that shakes you up and wakes you up, is present in an even greater amount in a sister beverage known as tea.

We are all busy and a lot of us are overloaded with work. Managing a family and at the same time juggling a packed schedule can prove to be a daunting task. Under such circumstances, a dose of freshly brewed coffee or tea is the best thing that keeps people going.

Coffee and tea can be consumed in different ways in different seasons. During the winter and cooler months, when we wish that everything liquid could pass over our tongues and down our throats, should be warm or perhaps scaling hot. Brewing becomes an affair involving steaming cups of coffee and tea being served with wild abandon, not just for the freshness of the drink, but also for the warmth they provide by the additional caffeine supplied energy. Come summer and the recipe changes. Coffee goes into the blender instead of the coffee pot, where it is joined by ice cubes and other ingredients to make a cool shake. Tea manages to escape the violence of the blender and gently seeps away into ice water.

While previously, both coffee and tea were available in the state that they were grown. There is a choice available today, in the sense, that you can purchase either of them as caffeine free (decaffeinated) products.

Caffeine is good, but for people with sensitive sleep cycles it can be a bit of a bother. There can be a craving for coffee and tea at odd times (like just before going to sleep) and a cup that is not decaffeinated can keep these people awake for a long time. By choosing the decaffeinated option, they can enjoy their coffee and tea more casually.

What remains a constant mystery is that downers made out of alcohol are such great party makers, while the brain sharpens and activity enduring caffeine laced beverages like coffee and tea are more associated with comfort.

Most people will usually stick to either coffee or tea as their caffeine beverage of choice. This distinction can get pretty difficult when you consider that there are plenty of people who will drink coffee at certain times and switch to tea at other times, all within a single day.

There are even some places and cultures where the beverage is chosen, not on the basis of the time of the day, but on the gender of the drinker. When you are over there, you will notice that tea is decidedly a ladies' drink (much like gin and tonic) while coffee is bit more like cigars and usually men indulge in it.

However, like everything the beverage culture is also undergoing a change and today the choice of beverage is solely dependent on personal preference.

The Truth About Espresso Coffee

What is better than a nice, warm cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning? Anyone? That is right, there really are not many other ways to warm and wake you up everyday.

A great cup of coffee can give you that extra rush of energy you need to not only get through the day, but to power through the day. However, visiting your favorite local coffee shop each and everyday can not only take a drain on your wallet, but also your sanity. Not only can coffee drinks cost up to $4 a cup, but when you are in a rush trying to get to work on time, you do not want to wait in line while someone in front of you can not decide if they want non-fat, 2 percent or whole in their coffee.

If you are like me, you like to save your money and spend it wisely. We all work hard for our green, so it is obvious that most people would want it spent in the smartest way. Your average cup of coffee (a medium at most places) will run you about $3.50 (on average). Doing a little simple addition, we see that $3.50 a day, five days a week equals 17.50 dollars. That is just for a week.

Granted, most people do not just drink coffee for a week and then call it quits. At this rate, have a cup of coffee everyday would cost you around seventy dollars a month, and up to 910 dollars a year. Imagine a way to completely eliminate these two factors from your life: insane coffee spending, and long lines at coffee shops. There has to be an answer, you say. Yes, yes there is; and I have it. The answer is simple: invest in an espresso machine!

With an expresso machine, you get the best of both worlds. First of all, you can make great coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want! Secondly, you save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding evil coffee shops like the plague. You might need to experiment to find your favorite drink, but anything that most coffee shops can make, you can make also! Experiment with different syrups, flavors of coffee, and methods of concocting your beverage of choice to find your favorite, signature drink that will have others lining up outside your door waiting for their coffee fix. There is an idea!

Espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee, much stronger than your average cup of black coffee. Espresso drinks are generally stronger and give a greater rush of energy and alertness than normal coffee. Most espresso drinks are mixed with other ingredients (syrups, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, etc.) to create mouth watering concoctions of coffee goodness! I can see it now, all you coffee lovers out there reading are drooling over the idea of a smooth cup of Joe right now. Go ahead, go get a towel, wipe up the drool and move on.

For any occasion, an expresso maker is a great investment. Depending of course on how much you are willing to spend on your espresso maker, you should quickly make it back and then some by not shelling over your hard earned cash to those coffee shops each and every day.

Your time and sanity are also not to be forgotten. Nobody likes waiting in lines, so just imagine how better off your life would be not having to stand in line at a coffee shop all day. Waiting, just waiting to shell over your cash for a few minutes of taste bud joy.

Now, before you run out the door in a mad dash, be sure to sit down and do some research about the many kinds of espresso machines out there (and believe me there are quite a few). Decide what kind of features you want, how much you are willing to spend for the extra frills (you know, the cool stuff that is nice to have but you do not really need), and finally, visit your favorite local store and just browse through them and decide on one you like. This is an investment, so obviously it is going to cost more than a few cups of coffee, but in the long run you are saving yourself money, time, and more money.

So what are you waiting for? I think I have presented more than enough evidence that an expresso maker is a great and probably necessary investment for any coffee lover out there. Make coffee in the comfort of your own home whenever you like, save tons of money, and even make plenty of coffee for all those get togethers and family events at your house! Get an espresso maker today!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Krups Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Krups International Standards

As expected, when one hears about Krups, they usually think of a Germany-based appliance company with a lot of rich history down its path. And nothing has ever been truer than this. Through the years, Krups has made it their priority to maintain a standard of excellence in the world market. With its new and latest approaches to designing the styles and function of household utensils and appliances, they made it impossible for consumers to ignore their edge in providing quality items.

Now what about their latest coffee makers? That is a topic that deserves to be presented and discussed. The growing number of coffee drinkers and enthusiasts made it possible for this company to answer this call. With numerous varieties of coffee beans cultivated and perfected, the global need for the perfect coffee makers is increasing as well. Who else is best suited to take heed than Krups?

They were one of the world's pioneers in coffee maker production. Now learn about their latest updates in terms of design, function and features.

Drip Machines on the Go

There are as many types of coffee drinkers as there are coffee bean blends, and understandably so. Each individual consumer has his own preferences when it comes to brewing a perfect coffee concoction. For those who prefer the automatic drip coffee machine, the differences in features may vary and may not be that different but these slight variations could mean something to them

The 10-cup capacity stainless steel thermal carafe is programmable with an electronic descaling regulator perfect for those wanting a smooth exterior finish to their coffee makers. The 10-cup capacity with aroma selector features a pause-to-serve button just right for those with highly discriminating taste for coffee blends. The 12-cup capacity with pause-to-serve feature is also programmable and serves well for those who want to brew coffee in large quantities in one time.

These latest features are indeed much invaluable on a day-to-day basis. One can only imagine the satisfaction of brewing coffee in a short span of time and with great results as well. It is no wonder these Krups coffee makers are the best in their category. Style and function is a great combination that enhances the enjoyment of coffee-drinking.

For those living alone in their houses or apartments, coffee makers with lesser capacity would not be an issue. What matters is that they get the right results in the brewing process. However, for those who have other companions or family members at home who are much into coffee as they do, coffee makers with a higher capacity are recommended so as to accommodate more quantities in one brewing. Better look for the right one that suits your lifestyle and coffee-drinking pattern.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do Aphrodisiac Foods Exist

Many of us have heard that sea-food excite the human senses or that walnuts and honey are the best aphrodisiac. But do certain types of food affect the human erotic impulse? Can specific food categories be the cause of the increase or decrease of male or female libido? Is there any scientific evidence that suggests some types of foods can help the sex life of today's individuals, or all these are just a legend that goes back to the ancient times? Although a balanced diet is considered today to be the best aphrodisiac, this article can help you spice up your life and answer some of your questions on the subject of aphrodisiac food materials.

- What is the role our brain plays?

The sexual disposition and activity of a person are directly related with the brain's activity. Crucial for the transferring of sexual stimulus are considered the neurotransmitters, the chemical substances that transfer messages to and out a person's brain. These neurotransmitters contribute to one's good memory and ability to focus, increase the good mood one carries and improve the levels of euphoria, while at the same time they are responsible to release sexual temper.

- The secrets of ancient Greeks:

Ancient Greeks are legendary for the particular focus they portrayed in the dinner preparation, making it resemble to a ritual as they devoted long periods of time to eat. The information we have available show that they used all of the five senses in an effort to create a sensual environment. Moreover, the food served was carefully selected and prepared and they used to grab food with their hands, as they supported that this practice creates a very interesting sensation stimulating also the brain. Additionally, ancient Greeks were firm believers that the food on the table had to be served with the right order and paid special attention to its appearance on the plate. The food smells and appearances were considered important stimulators for the functions of a healthy brain.

- Vitamin E, the "love" vitamin:

As scientists and ancient civilizations have found, vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins one should consume daily. Since vitamin E protects the blood cells and directly affects the sexual activity and the fecundity of a person, it is also known as the "fertility vitamin" and is recommended by physicians to treat the reproductive organs' malfunctions of males worldwide. Nuts, olive oil and avocado are great resources of vitamin E, and one should consume approximately 15 mg a day of these types of food.

Indeed, as contemporary researchers indicate, the consumption of certain food categories is related to the activities of the human organism. Dieticians specifically state that people wanting to have a balanced sex life have to include these special types of foods in their diet. As experts agree, exercising often and maintaining a balanced diet are the secrets to reduce stress and enjoy a better and healthier sex life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finding The Perfect Juicer

The main reason why there is not a "perfect" juicer is because different fruits and vegetables have vastly different properties. This ultimately means that a juicing method which is effective for a particular type of fruit may not be the best choice for another. Staying healthy has recently been associated with consuming more fresh juices. But improving the juicing experience is a matter of knowing what works best for a particular produce and how a juicer can maintain its highly presumed qualities.

In particular, fruits have softer cell walls and therefore require a more gentle extraction method. Juicing apples, pears, watermelons, cantaloupes and pineapples can be an easy process if the peel is off and they are chopped into smaller more easily handled pieces. On the other hand, citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, or tangerines, should be juiced along with their bitter outer surface -after grating away their outer rind. But keeping the white skin area is extremely important, according to nutritionists, since it is in there where the most valuable nutrients are contained. For that reason, most people use the common method of slicing the fruit in half and then pressing it against a reamer style juicer or a citrus press in order to extract the healthiest parts of a citrus juice.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are tougher to handle. Sine they have fibrous, more rigid cell walls, these types of produce require more aggressive mechanical juicers that can extract their fluids. Scientists recommend that due to their lower acid content, vegetables have to be consumed immediately after their preparation. This is mainly supported because their enzyme activity lowers progressively with time -a 30 minute old juice has half of the enzyme activity found in a freshly made one.

If you think that a bottled or canned juice is healthier because of lack of discoloration -when an apple or a carrot becomes brown is a sign that the fruit or vegetable has been oxidized and can happed when one prepares a juice-you better think again. The difference is found in the juice's preparation and has to do with the fact that juice producers heat the juice in order to kill all the enzymes and thus, extending their color and lifetime. But, the one thing they cannot extend is their nutritional effect which is forever destroyed due to this heating process. The fresh, alive enzymes are one of the key reasons why making a fresh juice at home with a juicer can be so beneficial for one's health.

Easy to operate juicers can help those interested to reach and maintain a better state of health a quick and simple way of ensuring that their bodies receive enough nutrients daily. Juicers are useful tools when wanting to lose weight as various recipes can help people trick their stomachs into thinking they are full. But apart from them being an excellent way for people to maintain their desired weight, juicers have come to be considered a lifestyle choice, not just a particular appliance, due to their extremely desirable nutritional benefits.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The 1773 Boston Tea Party

In history class, we learned a great deal about the history of America. The Boston Tea Party was one major turning point that defined America as we know it today. We are strong, defiant, capable, and know what is fair and just. The British were looking for some way to recover some of the money they had lost during the war between the French and Indians some ten years earlier. In the years just prior to the Boston Tea Party, the crown had created numerous attempts to gain back control of the governments.

It started with the 1765 Stamp Act, the 1767 Townsend Acts, the 1770 Boston Massacre, and culminated with the 1773 Tea Tax. Because colonists took a stand and refused to pay any taxes, the Parliament was forced to retract all taxes and so they did, except one. You guessed it they left the Tea Tax. This was nothing more than a mere demonstration of the rights and ability Parliament felt they had to impose taxes.

It was in May of the year 1773, Parliament decided to implement a tricky little plan. An Indian Company that was struggling was given the full task of American tea importation. They then placed a reduction on the tea tax. This mean that all Americans, who absolutely loved their tea, would pay a much cheaper price for the tea. The problem for colonists; however, was the fact that while it may be cheaper, they would still be giving into Parliament and recognizing their taxes.

Parliament, who had assumed that the Americans would pay the taxes instead of giving up their tea, was in for a big surprise. A Boston Tea Party surprise. The Colonists were ready to fight, or more appropriately boycott the tea. In both New York and Philadelphia, the ships carrying the tea were not allowed to dock. However, in Charleston, they allowed the ships to dock and remove the tea; however, the tea was placed in storage for three years. The patriots sold this tea, three years later, in efforts of financing the American Revolution.

On a winter day in December of 1773, three ships arrived in Bostons ports. They attempted peaceful denial of the cargo on the dock ships, simply refusing to pay the taxes. However, when a refusal to leave met their refusal to pay, anger flared. Later in that same evening, two hundred Indian disguised men, marched to the ships. The Boston Tea Party ensued and subsequently dumped three hundred and forty two tea crates into the Boston Harbor.

The Boston Tea Party and subsequent events were ultimately responsible for the eventual American Revolution.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Discover All The Health Benefits of Juicing

The health benefits of juicing have just recently started become mainstream knowledge. Lots of us have at one time or another drank freshly squeezed orange juice (and loved it!), but if you haven't tried a papaya-mango-carrot blend, you don't know what you're missing.

Aside from the delicious and unique tastes that can be accomplished through juicing, the ease with which you can get the proper amount of fruits and veggies into your system makes a using a juicer a healthy lifestyle option.

The invention of the home juicer made it possible for everyone and of every budget range enjoy the benefits of juicing in the comfort of their own home. With juicers starting in price at around $200.00, they're a feasible gift to give and certainly a justifiable purchase. Diet is so vastly important in the prevention of disease. There are diseases that are prevalent in modernized areas, like America and Europe, which have never shown up in a single native resident of places where the diet consists of mostly fruit and vegetables - like Africa.

British researchers stationed in Africa have, for a period of 30 years, not seen a single case of prostate cancer, colon cancer, hernia or diverticulitis. The only explanation researchers have for this lack of disease is the fact that their diet is mostly composed of fruits and vegetables and ours is not.

How Juicing Diet Helps Our Digestion

Often, by cooking and processing foods, the sensitive micro-nutrients found in fresh foods are destroyed. By eating a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables and getting the essential micro-nutrients needed in your diet, you can live a healthier, happier, more productive life and reduce the chances of getting many diseases.

Ideally, the body requires one pound of vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight. The problem is that eating raw fruit and vegetables in such large doses can be very difficult. By eating a lot of the same fruits or vegetables, you are not getting enough of a mixture of the fruits and vegetables needed. Having too much of the same food too often can also increase the chance of becoming allergic to it.

Another benefit of juicing is that it makes foods easier for us to digest, so nutrients can be used by the body quicker than if they were just eaten. The best way to begin is to purchase a cheaper brand juicer. That way you won't lose a lot of money if you decide that this is not for you. Remember; a cheap model will produce low quality juice and tend to be louder.

The health benefits of juicing are far too numerous to list because of all the nutrients you're liable to ingest that you never would have before. By getting and staying healthy now through juicing, your potential for developing serious ailments is monumentally decreased. If you invest in a juicer and use it daily, you'll start feeling healthier and more energized that you thought was possible.

Additional Benefits of Juicing Info

Juicing is a great way to give your body the essential micro-nutrients and minerals needed to keep healthy.

The best way to begin a regular juicing routine is to do it the same time each day and only begin with the vegetables and fruits that you enjoy eating whole.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed right away. When they are stored, they can lose their nutritional value very quickly. However, if you really want to store them, do it properly.

Juice is sensitive to air, so it should be kept in an airtight glass container and filled right up to the top to make sure that there is the least amount of air inside the container as possible. Keep the container away from light by wrapping it in aluminum foil and storing it in the refrigerator.

Fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed at room temperature. If they have been stored in the refrigerator, remove them at least half an hour before consuming. Never drink juice that is over 24 hours old, as all of the nutritional value and main benefits of juicing will have been lost.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fascinating Facts About Tea For Restaurants

I still remember the best cup of tea I ever had. It was at a Mediterranean restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. After an excellent meal of falafel, hummus, baba ganouch, pita bread, and lamb, I ordered the tea and was presented with a pot of steaming water and a container of fresh, wet whole tea leaves. You let the tea leaves sit in a basket strainer in the cup to steep until the desired strength. It was delicious, but very strong, because I wasn't used to brewing it like this. Tea has caffeine just like coffee does, but at a slightly lower concentration. I was wired for the rest of the day. But it was delicious, completely unlike making your tea with a little bag of dried particles.

Lots of restaurants think that tea is the simplest thing to prepare: just heat water, throw in a tea bag, and Bob's your uncle. But some helpful tips will turn the least-considered beverage in your restaurant into an experience that will deeply impress the customer, since most restaurants don't bother to make their tea better at all.

First, start with cold water, which you don't let boil for too long. The reason why we start with cold water is that it has more oxygen in it, and as you boil the water, the oxygen is slowly driven out. The more oxygen the water has, the better the tea will taste. Have you ever drank a glass of water that has been sitting out for a day or so, and noticed that it tasted kind of flat? That's because all of the oxygen that is naturally dissolved in the water has leached out into the open air. Seriously, try two cups prepared side by side and you will taste the difference.

Use a tea cozy, and if you are serving tea for just one guest, just fill the water pot up only part way. Making single-cup tea tends to make the tea bitter - and will cost the same as a whole pot. The tea cozy is to keep the tea hot for a longer time. This is helpful if your guest will like their tea strong or will be enjoying it over a leisurely period of time. If you are steeping the tea, make sure to remove the tea bag when the tea is at your desired strength or it will end up getting bitter and nasty.

Next, while your are boiling with the kettle, pre-heat the tea pot. Simply get a shot of the hot water when it starts to boil from the kettle and swish it around in the pot, but be careful not to give yourself a scald! If your tap is hot enough, you can also fill the pot and let it sit while you are boiling the kettle. Now, why do we do this? Because of physics. A cold pot will absorb more heat from the boiling water poured into it than a warm pot, and we want our water to be hot and good to steep all of the essence of the tea. Remember your thermodynamics!

A bit of tea trivia: In England, they steep the tea in the pot itself instead of the individual cup. And then they don't wash the pot from one use to another! Rather like a tobacco smoker's pipe, they consider the buildup of residue inside the pot to impart a flavor to each successive cup. An anecdote floating around out there has it that the maid washing the family tea pot is considered a firing offense! Don't know how this applies to your set-up, but you'll probably be washing the tea pot anyway.

Not many people know that tea has grades. The terms used in the grading and classification of tea, while less obtuse than those used for wine, are still intricate and detailed. The most basic division is by the color of the tea leaf, which depends on the level of fermentation.

Green tea is not fermented at all, and has a very fresh, almost grassy aroma. Oolong tea is only partially fermented and has a light brown color. Black tea is of the type most commonly served in the West, and is fully fermented. The leaves are completely black, and the flavor is robust and almost like coffee.

Further classification of black tea goes by the shape and size of the tea leaf. This is mostly based on which parts of the leaf are included and the methods of processing the leaves. There are four basic classifications of leaf size, which are then subdivided in more specific categories according to, at last, what kind of tea bush the leaf came from.

Whew! And all this time, you thought it was so simple! Just a bag and water. Well, that bag which comes in a box of fifty that you buy a brick at a time contains what is called "dust": the lowest possible grade. Dust is ranked below "fannings" (little pieces of broken leaves), which is below "broken leaf", and that of course below "whole leaf". Of course, Oolong and black teas will have to be dried out, but with green tea you can have the fresh leaves straight off the bush, if that's how you insist.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cooking Is More Than Just About Eating

Cooking is something that ties people together around the world. It is something we are familiar with. Not everyone has to cook for themselves but they have seen it done.

It is universal and connects us in a way that goes beyond age, gender, creed, or race. Traditions are made through the use of food. Celebrations call for special dishes especially prepared for that occasion. A birthday cake, a stuffed turkey or even a ham can all be foods that bring people together.

It does not have to be complicated. There are free recipes everywhere from the grocery store to the internet. Most dishes are not hard to make nor do they require ingredients not found in most grocery stores.

It all begins with a few basic items that every kitchen should have. Cooking utensils make the top of the list. There is no cooking performed without some basic tools.

While it might be nice to have a professional chef's kitchen at your disposal, it is not necessary. There are a few items that are a must in any kitchen, such as a mixing bowl or a set of pots and pans but you do not have to pay a ransom at the kitchen store in order to furnish your culinary workspace.

The best rule of thumb is to have items that are dual purpose. The only piece of equipment that should only have one use is the fire extinguisher. Space is normally limited so try to find cooking utensils that can be multipurpose.

Once you have assembled all of the basic kitchen items you will need, it is time to find recipes that you want to try. Remember to start small and work up from there. It does not have to be complicated.

Beginning chefs often make that mistake. They find an elaborate recipe and then become discouraged when it does not turn out the way it should. Just remember to take it slow, take it simple and try to enjoy yourself.

It should be about doing something pleasurable. It is more than just charring food to provide sustenance. It is a common ground for all people. Everyone must eat. The saying "You are what you eat" is very true.

The food we put into our bodies is an extension of our personalities and our culture. It is what brings us together in good times and in bad. It may seem daunting but in reality is incredibly easy and can open up a world of possibilities.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barbecue - A Guide To Buy And Cook

Barbecue your food, enjoy sips of your favorite wine and tan yourself in the sun! What a perfect combination it sounds when it comes to entertaining your family and friends on an out-of-the-home trip.

The term barbecue can be used in dual senses. One can barbecue the food that is cook it by heating under charcoal or gas in a special technique or one can use a barbecue to grill his choice of meat and vegetables.

Let us first talk of the equipment.

Barbecue can be of three broad types - charcoal, gas and electric. But hold on! This is only one part of the story. You also need to give a piece of your thought to the considerations such as how often would you need the barbecue? Where will you be primarily using it? What will be the size of your group or is it for personal use? And most important of all, do you have enough shelf space to store it?

If you cook large portions of meat, or for a large group then it must be worth investing in a big barbecue. On the other hand if you are a burger and hotdog type person then you can stick to a cheap and small one. Planning to hold frequent barbecue get-togethers, every weekend say, go for a decent size and decent price for you do not wish to leave few stomachs half-filled.

Charcoal barbecue are for perfect chefs. These use charcoal for cooking and produce food with smoked and earthy taste...very authentic indeed! But these are slower and may be difficult to clean as well. Gas barbecues come with two or more burners, give more heat and flame control and use natural propane gas for cooking food. Electric ones are plug-in types and can be taken to beach or picnic parties. Each of the barbecues has its own lighting mechanism and has to be monitored so that your food is well cooked to suit both your palate and stomach.

Once you have made up your mind and found answers to all the above questions, one needs to hunt for a suitable barbecue. Remember, these cooking devils come in prices ranging from the cheap ones (20-50 dollars) to the expensive ones (3000 dollars for the state-of-the-art gas grills).

After having talked about the barbecue as equipment lets now discuss the barbecue cooking. Barbecue is a method of cooking where the food, normally meat, is grilled over slow or medium heat till it cooks. In this process, the cooking is generally healthier if you use moderate amount of fats and spices. The food tastes better. Usually, the all meats are vegetables are marinated in sauce or some traditional marinate such as curd or spices before being thrown in the equipment for barbecue.

So, entertain yourself and your friends by making mouth watering burgers, hotdogs, steaks, chicken. And yes, do not loose on vegetarians for you can barbecue almost all vegetables be it corn, eggplants or stuffed tomatoes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vegetarian Recipe Cooking Guide

Vegetarianism is on the rise in contemporary America, largely because of nutritional, ethical, and environmental concerns. Still, recent surveys put the number of true vegetarians at less than three percent of the U.S. Vegetarian food can be very simple; for example, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is vegetarian. Vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and protect us from many diseases. Green vegetables contain essential vitamins & minerals and are thus very beneficial for health.

Probably one of the most perplexing thoughts a person has when they transition to vegetarianism is keeping their diet filled with a variety of fun, diverse, and nutrient-dense foods. It can sometimes feel like you're cutting many options out since you're no longer consuming meat, and it may seem you're losing even more options if you've also decided to cut dairy and eggs from your diet as well. With a little creativity, planning, and forethought, you might be surprised how much variety you can achieve with your new vegetarian diet - perhaps even more than your meat-eating days!

Vegetarian recipes are tasty, and easy to make. You can turn any recipe into a purely vegetarian one by replacing the meats with any vegetarian alternative. Vegetarian recipes are the solution for health, weight loss and good looks. Make things easy for yourself and start with easy vegetarian recipes and get to understand and love your food. Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes especially designed for those who desire to lose weight,and those diabetic whose weight exceed standard 20%. They are also used as additional meals for diabetic. Low calorie and vegetarian recipes can also be true pleasures to the tastebuds.Vegetarianism can be very confusing to those who are not familiar with it. But I have discovered that I feel better when I eat vegetarian meals. Vegetarian recipes are the solution for health, weight loss and good looks. Make things easy for yourself and start with easy vegetarian recipes and get to understand and love your food. Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes especially designed for those who desire to lose weight,and those diabetic whose weight exceed standard 20%. They are also used as additional meals for diabetic. Low calorie and vegetarian recipes can also be true pleasures to the tastebuds. And contrary to popular belief, vegetarian recipes are full of the taste and enjoyment of many other foods you eat..

Vegetarian recipes provide the most efficient nutriment for the human system, because plants form the basis of the food chain, closest to the source of life itself, which is solar energy. Indian vegetarian dishes are loaded with antioxidants. Many spices protect against cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Vegetable curries and usals. Salads, koshimbir and bhurta. Contrary to popular belief, preparing a quick easy vegetarian meal may be a convenient task after all.

Vegetarian recipes are included, as well as information on adapting some recipes to a vegetarian diet. Each recipe contains nutrition information per serving and even cost per serving, which many cooks find helpful. Vegetarian recipes are the solution for health, weight loss and good looks. Make things easy for yourself and start with easy vegetarian recipes and get to understand and love your food. Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes especially designed for those who desire to lose weight,and those diabetic whose weight exceed standard 20%. They are also used as additional meals for diabetic. Low calorie and vegetarian recipes can also be true pleasures to the tastebuds. And contrary to popular belief, vegetarian recipes are full of the taste and enjoyment of many other foods you eat.

Vegetarianism isn't just about food or health or what we put in our body we should remember that it is a lifestyle and a lifelong commitment that extends beyond the table. It extends to our own fashion to wardrobe to interior pieces and other things. The information, recipes and website links on this page are provided to help anyone begin or to increase their ability to be a vegetarian. Vegetarians have their own favorite dishes and desserts. Vegetarian diets call for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and soybeans as a replacement for meat (which is much higher in saturated fats and much lower in fiber, antioxidants). This contributes to a healthy heart.

Indian food is different from the food of any other country. India has a great variety of foods compared to any other country. Indian cuisine varies from region to region, reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically diverse subcontinent . Cuisine across India has also been influenced by various cultural groups that entered India throughout history, from regions as diverse as West Asia , Central Asia and Europe. Gujarati cuisine of India is predominantly vegetarian among other Indian cuisines. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven.

Indian vegetarian dishes are loaded with antioxidants. Many spices protect against cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Indian vegetarian food proves all of this wrong. Indian culinary, or the art of cooking, has evolved with the times imbibing its share of various ingredients by different froeign invasions of rulers and travelers but without affecting its original identity. Therefore, whether it is North India, South India, East India, West India, the central part and the north-eastern part - each place has its own flavor of food and style of cooking.

Meatless meals are great for stretching the family food budget. In general, vegetarian cooking provides essential protein nutrients from plant sources plus dairy products, eggs and whole grains. Meat can be considered as being a vital part of the main daily meal. While meat lovers will not have a problem with this inclusion into their meal, others may.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Copper is the Best Cookware

Why is copper cookware so desired today? People all want it because it cooks food better, using less energy than other cookware, and it looks fabulous as well. Copper looks better and performs better than steel.

A professional chef likes working with copper cookware because they can cook with sensitive foods without concern. No matter what heat source is used, this material heats evenly. Because of this, you can easily cook delicate foods, even if you're not an experienced chef.

The excellent heat conduction of copper pots and pans ensures it will last for decades and still look great. An advantage of copper kitchen cookware is that it keeps its luster and sheen. Your cookware will look shiny and beautiful with no signs of wear once you apply a little copper paste and a little elbow grease to it.

If you love to cook, then you must consider using copper cookware in your kitchen. Copper utensils are top of the line when it comes to kitchenware. Because it heats quickly and evenly, foods cooked with it will not only cook faster, but taste better.

Simply put, copper cookware is one of the best available options for your kitchen. Due to its energy saving properties, it is well worth the money spent. Copper utensil sets are a great looking accessory for anyone's kitchen. Because they require low maintenance and are very durable, this cookware is your best choice.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fat Burning Pills - Do They Really Work?

Women and men have longed to be slim, since time immemorial. Fat burning pill that works is much sought after, throughout the world. Though, most people camouflage their hankering for cutting off flab as an yearning for a 'safe' life; fat is definitely a health hazard. However, the way men and women throw caution to the wind, while trying out any fat burning pill, indicates otherwise. Many a fat burning diet pill have hit the jackpot, while, encashing on this almost primeval, human urge to be lean.

The best way to enjoy a trim and lean life is obviously the obvious: a nutritious diet, accompanied by physical exercise and adequate rest. Nevertheless, a short cut is always tempting than the actual way and it is absolutely normal to think of 'miracle pills' that are fat burning, or, at least fantasize about them. However, in order to avoid being duped or worse, still, use something that is unsafe, it is better to have an idea of how a fat burning pill works.

A fat burning pill may work in three ways assisting the human body to break down body fat, internally. This involves releasing it from fat cells, where it enters the bloodstream as free fatty acids that are then transported to muscle cells where they may be burned. The second way is to suppress appetite-a complicated process that includes the participation of hormones and neurotransmitters. The third option is also known as fat blockers. A fat bocker pill restricts the body from absorbing fat during digestion. The negative side effects are stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and inability to absorb many important fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, they may interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications, especially birth control pills and estrogen.

Carnitine, present naturally in the body is known for its fat burning role. Unfortunately, taking it as a supplement pill has not proved to be extra beneficial. Burning fat, through medication, however is not totally impossible. However, you should not expect to turn into a new leaf, overnight, adipose wise. In addition, you must be aware of what your physical condition would permit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Different Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are small, concave devices used for corrective, therapeutic, or cosmetic purposes and is placed on the eye's cornea. It is first used to replace the use of glasses for people who have eye problems.

Because of this, some contact lenses are considered corrective. A corrective lens can improve a person's vision. Only eye experts prescribe corrective lens. The common eye conditions that are corrected by the lenses are near and far sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Doctors recommend therapeutic lens so that existing conditions in the eye, such as corneal edema and ulcers, are protected allowing it to heal faster. This type of lens works by shielding the eyes from rubbing, blinking of the eyelids, and the dust and dirt in the air.

If contact lenses are used for medical purposes before, its use took a drastic turn when cosmetic contact lenses are introduced. These types of contact lens are especially designed to radically change the color, style, and even the design of the eyes. If you want to change the color of your eyes overnight, or make look like a zebra to match your Halloween costume, these are the lenses that you need.

Aside from these three, lenses can be further classified according to the material it is made of, its wear time, and its disposability. The shape and the number of its focal points are considered as well. To know more about the basics of a contact lens, read on:

1. Material. When contact lenses are first introduced, it is made out of glass. But glasses cause eye irritation, making it inapplicable for long use. And so Plexiglass, RGP, and Hydrogel lenses came about.

2. Wear Time. Some lenses have to be worn during the day only, and so they are called daily wear contacts. Before you sleep at night, daily wear contacts have to be removed. Consequently, there are also contact lenses that can be used overnight, up to a maximum of one week. These are called the extended wear contact lenses.

3. Disposability. If some lenses can be worn during the day only, some are scheduled for a single use alone. After taking it out for the night, it has to be thrown away. Some lenses though, are made to last for a week, a month, or even a year.

These are the common types of lenses, classified according to their functionality. If you are looking to wear contacts, it pays to know these things. You will not only be rightfully informed when you walk into the store. You'll be able to select the one most fitting you as well.

Your Eyes Beauty Depends On Tea

For women who suffer every morning from puffy eyes or have to cover the bags under their eyes, apart from purchasing expensive cosmetic creams to reduce the symptoms perhaps it is wise to try out one of the oldest natural remedies: a couple of tea bags. If you consider it, it is at least worth the try, as your eyes are, apart from the windows or your soul, also the focal point of your face. Thus, you should take good care of them and devote the necessary time to reveal their own special beauty. Having tired, baggy eyes can add years to your age, while sparkling ones can brighten your face and give you a more youthful appearance. Remember that it is vital to care for the delicate area around them and tea or tea bags can help you reveal the best set of eyes.

Just like when you are feeling tired you reach your kitchen's cabinet to grab some of your favorite tea brand and relax, the same should your reaction be in case you wake up in the morning and witness the symptom of puffy eyes in your bathroom's mirror. Chances are that if your body is tired your eyes will show it. Swollen, red or puffy eyes are indicators of fatigue and it is important to be aware of the fact that the black tea bags you place into your favorite mug can also offer your eyes immediate relief.

The restorative effect of black tea is so apparent that it will surprise you how quickly this simple process can reduce your problem and its occurrence. From the night before, you should boil water and put two tea bags in it like you would if you were going to make tea. After brewing for 5 minutes, take the tea bags out and ring out the liquid. Next, place both tea bags into your kitchen's freezer. You need to have them cool, but not frozen. Keep them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then take them out, lay down, relax and put the tea bags over the puffy ears over your eyes. Leave them there for approximately another 10-15 minutes, turning them over half way through. Afterwards, remove the tea bags and dispose of them. Then rinse your face with cool water to remove any tea stains. Make sure you rinse off any residue carefully with a cold damp tissue or face cloth.

In addition, warm tea bags might be more relaxing on a cold winter day, and it has been found to reduce under eye puffiness just as well as the cold tea bags. If you do drink tea often you can begin saving the two wet tea bags from your tea pot while they are still warm -careful, not hot! Then you should again select a comfortable spot in your home, be it the bed, the couch or the floor. Place a towel where your head will be resting to prevent leaking and staining. Lie down, place one black tea bag over each eye after closing your eyes first and relax for just five minutes. Deep breathing will increase your oxygen intake while you rest and promote increased energy levels.

You'll be amazed at how much wider open your eyes will feel and how quickly soreness will be reduced. This simple, old-fashioned home remedy is a true gift. There is always the option of buying special eyes tea bags from your local pharmacy or beauty store, but any black tea bag works just as well and is certainly more economical.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids' Kitchen Tools and Pint-Size Equipment

�Young chefs cook best with their own personal set of tools.

  • Measuring spoon set
  • Measuring cups: one for dry ingredients and one for wet ingredients
  • Wooden spoon
  • Apron or large t-shirt
  • Potholders and/or oven mitts
  • Small knife (plastic, paring, or as appropriate for your child)
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Safety scissors
  • Rubber spatula
  • Small cutting board

After your young chef has a personal set of equipment, think about providing a permanent place for all these great tools. It can be just about any type of container, as long as it's easily accessible to the child and not stuck away in a closet piled under stacks of linens or other things. Here's a few suggestions for places in which to store your kid's cookware:

  • A large, lower kitchen drawer
  • An industrial-sized lunchbox, the kind used by construction workers
  • A portable tool kit
  • A cardboard file box, known as a banker's box
  • A plastic storage box, with handles and lid

Assemble the items first (before deciding on a container), adding any equipment from your own kitchen that you want your child to have (like a melon baller, rolling pin, whisk, or other tools). Then, make sure that the area for your child's tools is large enough to hold all of the tools comfortably. When in doubt, go for a larger space than a smaller one, so that items aren't cramped and difficult to find


Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Are The Skin Types For Men?

Men's skin type describes and interprets how and why your skin looks, feels, and behaves as it does. Recognizing and identifying all the distinctions of skin type for men are very important because different skin types for men require different product combination. Although men do need basic products like a good, gentle cleanser, shaving product, state-of-the-art moisturizer and sunscreen to incorporate into their daily skin care routine, the composition of these products, whether they are lotion-, cream-, gel-, serum- or liquid-based, should compliment your skin type.

The four most common skin type groupings for men are categorizes as:

- Normal (no apparent signs of oily or dry areas)

- Oily (shine appears all over skin, no dry areas at all)

- Dry (flaking can appear, no oily areas at all, skin feels tight)

- Combination (oily, typically in the central part of the face, and dry or normal areas elsewhere)

Acne-prone skin is often classified under oily or combination skin types and sometimes registered as a skin type all by itself. Occasionally, sensitive skin may be listed as an individual skin type but I do feel strongly that all skin types, regardless for men or women, should be considered sensitive.

The truth is, understanding your skin type is far more complicated than those 4 or 6 categories mentioned. That is why men find identifying their skin type an indefinable challenge of changes that never settles down in one specific direction.

To begin this experiment, do not use products or highlight undesirable skin types. Refrain from using products, such as soaps and bar cleanser that are known to make skin dry and irritated. Avoid occlusive moisturizers as they can clog pores and worsen breakouts. Keep away from after-shave lotions, astringents, toners and any other skin care products that are laden with alcohol and other potentially irritating ingredients that cause redness, inflammation, and flaking on the skin. All of these can wreak havoc on the skin.

However, understanding your skin type is extremely important, just not in the way the skin care industry or companies see it or the way we've been taught to think about it, because skin type is never fixed. The variations of what is taking place on your skin can change from season to season, month to month and even week to week. In addition to the complexity is the strong possibility of skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema, skin discolorations, precancerous conditions, blackheads, sun damage and whiteheads.

When it comes to determining skin type for men, you need to forget what you've been taught by cosmetic salespeople, estheticians, fashion magazines and even dermatologists. The typical categories of normal, oily, dry, and combination, are a good basic, but they do not address every nuance, and they change and fluctuate with everything from the weather to your stress levels.

Once you have identified your skin type, you can begin your skin care routine. You need a gentle, water-soluble cleanser, a gentle shave product (gel, foam or cream), followed by a gentle, nonirritating post-shave or shaving lotion, which is actually just a masculine name for a gentle toner. The best after-shave product is an aspirin-based topical product that has additional potent anti-irritants. Aspirin is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent for irritated skin and is able to reduce the redness and razor bumps or burn. You can make your own by taking one or two aspirin tablets and dissolve it in about two tablespoons of water and then apply that to the face with a cotton pad.

When it comes to dealing with breakouts, preventing wrinkles, and addressing dry skin, the procedure is the same for men as it is for women. For blemishes, use a topical antibacterial product that contains benzoyl peroxide. It is very important to use sunscreen on a daily basis, rain or shine, 365 days a year. Suncare should be at least SPF 15 and loaded with effective UVA protection like avobenzone (which may also be listed as Parsol 1789 or butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane), titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide) and a state-of-the-art moisturizer laden with antioxidants and ingredients that replace vital substances to skin.

Any product containing antioxidants or other light- and air-sensitive ingredients should come in an opaque container whose contents receive minimal exposure to air. That automatically rules out products packaged in jars, because shortly after opening the antioxidants begin to lose potency and won't last for the lifespan of the product.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Microdermabrasion Crystals

If you already know a bit about microdermabrasion, you would know that the process involves the use of tiny crystals, most commonly composed of aluminium oxide. These crystals are blasted onto the stratum corneum (upper most layer of the skin) to rub away dead skin cells and reveal healthier, renewed skin cells beneath.

Many who consider the use of microdermabrasion crystals worry about the abrasive properties of these particles that are being used to clean their skin. But they (and you) should not worry; the commonly used aluminium oxide does not induce any harmful side-effects, for example, because of accidental ingestion or inhalation; it is also very rare to have allergic skin reactions or rash production because of this material. All microdermabrasion systems use clean aluminium oxide crystals that are cleared of impurities such as silica and zinc that are present in the raw material. This is done by repeated melting and cooling, and thus crystallization of the aluminium oxide for at least 8 cycles.

Despite the cleanliness of the crystals, it is very important that your family or personal doctor takes care to cover your nose and eyes before starting the microdermabrasion process. The introduction of any foreign body, into the lungs via the nose or mouth, can still, although not fatal, cause irritation, and either acute or chronic cough. At the same time, the crystals may irritate the mucous membranes around the eye bulb and result in severe irritation and swelling, especially if the client is wearing contact lenses. But do not be put off by these warnings, just simply make sure that you cover your eyes, nose and mouth well - and the microdermabrasion crystals will bring you enough benefit for you to want more and more of their beautifying properties!

Further, it should be noted that microdermabrasion is not only a one-way calibrated system. It can easily be modified and toggled with to adjust to your specific beauty and skincare needs. It is a painless process; and is more like a massage you get at the hair salon than anything else! Remember that you can either get a professionally trained microdermabrasion specialist to carry out the procedure for you, or you can get a home system with training manuals. It is generally recommended that you go to the professional first, and see how its done, and then try it out for yourself at home when you are comfortable with the whole process. If the use of microdermabrasion crystals still bothers you- ask around the neighborhood or friends or family if they have tried themselves. A friendly recommendation with real life results can really make a big difference to the surety of your decision.

So in conclusion, this is just background information for you to feel at ease with the ins and outs of microdermabrasion. To really confirm whether it will make a difference, go ahead and try it out, there are thousands of cleaner, more beautified faces out there because of it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

D-Calcium Pantothenate for Acne Therapy - An Entirely New Category in Skin Care

Co-enzyme A is needed to break down fatty acids in the body. When, levels of co-enzyme A are low, the efficient breakdown of fatty acids is thus impaired which leads to excessive accumulation of fatty acids in the blood stream. The fatty acids are the deposited into the sebaceous glands (sweat glands) and secreted as oil, giving the skin an oily complexion.

Co-enzyme A is also needed for sex hormone synthesis. When the levels of sex hormone are low, the body has to make use of what co-enzyme A is available for sex hormone synthesis (as hormone synthesis is given priority; without it, sex organs to do not develop) and hence this causes the build-up of fatty acids.

This explains why teenagers are more prone to acne than adults; at that age, sex hormone synthesis is at its peak to allow development of sex organs and secondary characteristics such as pubic hair, muscle mass, voice change etc.

The human body can obtain co-enzyme A from 3 sources; adenosine (naturally produced), cysteine (naturally produced) and d-calcium pantothenate, which needs to be obtained from dietary intake. Although the naturally produced adenosine and cysteine are able to cope with supplying the adequate levels of co-enzyme A, at time of high demand dietary intakes of d-calcium pantothenate are needed to quench this demand.

Treatment Regime

1.For the first five days of treatment, 5 capsules are usually taken twice a day; this equates to 10 capsules per day.

2.After the first five days, 5 capsules are to be taken 4 times a day (equates to 20 capsules per day) for 3 months.

3.After three months, maintenance therapy can be started and this ranges from 4-15 capsules per day. Maintenance therapy can be titrated according to the appearance of your skin and how acne-free it is. Gradually reducing the dose from 20 a day down to 10 then eventually 4 capsules per day is quite a good method. If flare-ups are experienced, this means you have gone below your individual maintenance dosage; increase to the amount taken before the last reduction.

One may ask why, the doses of d-calcium pantothenate, are so high. Well, the purpose of taking 20 capsules per day is to kick-start the body to produce co-enzyme A. After the levels of co-enzyme A are high, (after about three months), they can then be reduced to a maintenance therapy levels; as explained above.


The use of d-calcium pantothenate has been shown to be over 90% effective in a medical study. But one thing to note is that efficacy comes with compliance!

In some people, improvements can be seen at 2 weeks of therapy whilst others this can take somewhat longer.

During the first week of treatment, some customers have noticed that their acne has increased. Although the reason for this is not entirely known, this should not act as a deterrent; this usually disappears after 1-2 weeks.


Being an all-natural water soluble vitamin, d-calcium pantothenate is safe to take in high quantities. The body will just excrete the surplus amounts through the urine. The only contra-indication worthy of note is that d-calcium pantothenate should not be taken when pregnant/ breast feeding.

Side Effects

1.Loosening of stool ( reported as the main side effect) The stool consistency is half way between normal and diarrhoea

2.Mild stomach irritation ( occasional)

3.Possible headaches. This may occur at the start of treatment and gradually subsides

4.Must not be taken when pregnant or when breast feeding!

If side effects do occur, then please reduce the number of capsules being taken or discontinue and consult your local doctor for advice.

Michael Jackson and his children's rare Photos

Over 20 never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged showing him as he lived his everyday life.

From birthday to costume parties, these pictures show a candid, unmasked, genuinely happy Michael as he interacts with his children, employees and friends.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gentle Care for Long Hair

When you decide to grow your hair out long, one of the things you have to be most careful about is how much you damage it. You probably know that most dyes and perms are hard on your hair, just as heat is, but the things you do to it every day without even thinking can do quite a bit of damage as well.

When you wash your hair, you may be in the habit of washing the entire length. But really the part that needs it is the roots. So shampoo only that part. The rest will generally be adequately cleaned by the shampoo running down it and by the conditioner you use.

If you think about that, you may quickly realize that this means you should not be piling your hair on top of your head to wash it. Piling it up like that is more likely to damage your hair than just letting it hang down your back as you wash the part that really needs it.

Make sure you use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, and use a good one. This will help you when you are combing your hair, as tangles will come out more easily.

Towel dry your hair gently too. Don't scrub your scalp, as this damages and knots the hair. You can use a towel turban or just have a towel across your back for your hair to dry on. This is far gentler on your hair.

Obviously, don't use a hot blow dryer either. Use a cool one if you must, but letting your hair air dry on its own is best.

Use a good quality comb to remove tangles from your hair when it is dry. Avoid doing this to wet hair, as it is more easily damaged when wet. A good comb is cut from a single piece of plastic, not one that is cast from a mold. If your comb has rough spots it can do tremendous damage to the length of your hair.

Comb by starting with the first few inches, and working your way up. You do not want to be tugging knots down the entire length of your hair, catching more knots as you go. You'll do better to get the knots lower down first.

If you come to a difficult knot, start working at it from the bottom, smoothing that out, and working your way up through it gently. Try not to tug a lot.

Many people with long hair like to give it a little oil to keep the length of it in excellent condition. You can use extra virgin olive oil, but my personal preference is for jojoba oil. Just take a small drop of your preferred oil, rub it between your hands and stroke your hands down the ends of your hair. You do not have to do the entire length, and too much oil will of course make your hair appear oily.

But good care is about more than washing and combing. You also need to think about what you're doing to your hair. You don't want it to get caught by your purse strap, laptop carrying case strap or any other strap. You don't want it caught by your coat collar. Move your hair as necessary to keep these away.

A lot of people with long hair wear it up regularly because it's just better for it. This is especially true if you're going to be out on a windy day. A simple bun or braid can protect your hair. It's also fun having your hair up most of the time, then surprising the people who thought they knew you when they find out how much hair you really have!

Despite what some people think or what this may sound like, having long hair doesn't have to be a ton of work. Many attractive hair styles take less time than curling a shorter head of hair would, and you don't have to go to the salon nearly as often. Just take good care of your long hair for the maximum benefit and pleasure.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Cystic Acne Treatment Can Cure Acne

Unfortunately if a person is suffering from cystic acne and needs treating, it can in some cases actually be resistant to the kind of cystic acne treatments that are available. For some people using a cystic acne treatment, they may find that they suffer from certain side effects which can often be just as upsetting to the person as the skin condition itself.

There are some things that they should be aware of before they start any course of treatment for cystic acne.

As with the other forms of acne, the cause of cystic acne is caused by a person's glands producing too much oil in their skin. Currently there are no definitive ways of curing this particular kind of skin condition and the ways in which current treatments work still needs to be understood fully.

When it comes to actually treating this form of acne it can be extremely difficult especially if the condition is severe. Often cystic acne is resistant to many topical medications as well as some of the more commonly used ones. Today the most common way of treating this particular form of acne is through the use of either accutane or isotretinoin. But be warned you may experience some kinds of side effects during the course of your treatment and below, we provide you with some tips to help ensure that your cystic acne treatment does not end up leaving you with too many side effects as well.

Accutane can actually dry your skin out and this may result in your lips becoming chapped and your eyes drying out. So always ensure that you have some lip balm with you throughout your course of treatment. If you wear contact lenses then you may find it easier to wear your glasses rather than contact lenses during the treatment.

This particular treatment for cystic acne will also make a person's muscles ache. By carrying out gentle exercises and also taking plenty of rest on a regular basis will help prevent this particular side effect from becoming any worse.

Although cystic acne treatment can lead to certain side effects two of which we have mentioned above however many patients do find that once they have completed their course of treatment, their acne problems do subside. So if you are looking for a way to treat cystic acne and is willing to make the effort and live with the side effects for the time whilst being treated the results will be worth all the effort that you take.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Arrange a Great Block Party

There is always a great fun involve in doing things together.A Block party is one of them where all the children, Moms and Dad come together to have fun and enjoyment. Find out the tip on how to arrange such a big party.

Did you ever hear of block parties? Let us recommend them. They are something different in the way of parties. We live in a new district and, like many new districts, there are many children. In our block the children are all about the same age, and as a result the parents and children have become well acquainted.

Children have birthdays , and birthdays mean parties first one home and then another. The novelty had worn off. Was not there something new and entirely different to do? We all got together to plan and the block-party idea was born.

Our house became Union Station for the evening. At six o'clock the travelers (children) arrived ready for the first part of their journey. Under the care of the Conductor and Engineer (entertainment committee) all embarked for Hawaii (a neighbors house across the street). In true Hawaiian style each guest was presented with a paper flower lei to wear for travel. While the guests nibbled slices of fresh pineapple and crackers the young hostess, who belongs to a dancing class, entertained with a Hawaiian dance.

Next came the long trip to China. Here Chinese lanterns were everywhere. By lantern light the travelers ate big plates of Chow-Mien on the spacious back porch. Then they hit the road again for Turkey, that land of romance and mystery. Entering the home of the Sultan, the travelers were cordially welcomed by the sons and daughters of the household, who were attractively dressed in Turkish costumes. A serving of date pudding completed the ample meal the travelers had gathered along the way.

Then followed an uneventful passage to America and incidentally a visit to an Indian village (another home). Here Heap Big Chief and his tribe gave their Indian dances, showed their wonderful rugs, beads and weapons, and for a finish served some of their native food, Popped Corn.

On the wing again a flying trip to Union Station, point of departure to play some games children in other countries enjoy.

First came a Chinese game called Dragons Tail. All the children lined up, hands on shoulders of the child ahead. The first child became the head of the dragon and the last the tail. The hostess called out, one-two-three-go! At the signal the head tried to catch the tail. In and out around the amusement room wove the dragon (line of youngsters), the head trying valiantly to tag the tail. The whole body moved with the head and remained unbroken. If the head caught the tail that child continued to be head. If the body broke first, he became the tail. The very minute someone let go, the Dragon died. This Chinese game was strenuous and hilarious.

After this exciting game it was good to sit quietly in a circle. Indian corn was used for this popular Indian game. One child hid the kernels of corn in one of his hands, and standing before another child in the circle said, Guess how many? He asked his question first of one child and then of another in the group until he had been all around the circle. Of course, the child who guessed the correct number, or the nearest correct, won, and became 'IT' for the next game.

Conference:� International Children' s Day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion Designer Handbag

High fashion designer handbags will be the one thing that sets the hearts alight this holiday season. You can count on seeing a smile on the face of your loved ones this season with the addition of a designer handbag, manbag or accessory to their gift list. The prices for these items will run from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the item and which designer you are purchasing.

There is a wide variety of quality handbags that are available and it is recommended that you stick with the classics. This is because they never go out of style and the woman in your life can use them season after season and year after year. Cared for properly, they will last for years and still be fashionable and still go with anything in her collection.

If price is a concern for you, you can look to the Internet for some relief on that front. You will find that there are many reputable sites that will offer used or deeply discounted prices on designer bags. You will want to be careful here. You will want to know whether what you are buying is the real thing or a replica handbag. The first clue to which is which is going to be in the price that you pay for them.

The idea of buying replica handbags is one that you can consider. It is best that you know whom you are purchasing the replica bag from. There are knock off bags that are sold that have the look and feel of the designer bags and are not counterfeit bags. The sale of counterfeit bags is illegal. The sale of knock-off products is not illegal and any replica bag that is made to look like the designer bags without counterfeiting the designer replica handbags, you have the look you want and a price you can live with. Replica bags today are very high quality and can fool even the most proficient expert.

Most of us cannot afford the prices of the real designer handbags but we still want to have the look of the designer handbag. We can have that by buying the knock-off replica handbags and you can get them in many stores and online.

If you find them on the street, a truck sale or in someone's trunk, do yourself a favor and walk away. These are cheap and will not last, plus they will not be legal handbags. The knock-off replicas are legal and will also be made to a much higher quality standard then what you will find on the street. When you are looking at buying your knock-off replica handbag online, check out the seller and ask any questions you might have about the handbags you want to buy. If they do not answer all your questions, go someplace else to buy your handbags.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stardoll dress up games Colection

Caribbean Pirate Girls Caribbean Pirate Girls: This collection created with the Inspiration coming from Caribbean Pirate Girls. Dressing up for this Pirate Girls may bring you a new ideas for dressing up, breaking the old order.

Beatiful Princess Hippies Princess with beautiful Dresses: Why does this beautiful princess look a little bit hippish? Come to help her.

Clothes for Holiday Clothes for Holiday: What are you going to go for this holiday season? Hope that it will be a great holiday for you. Now let's come to pack your bags with clothes and necessary things. I think these clothes should be in your bag first.

Crazy cafeteria Help Mikey fill the orders as they come in at the Cafeteria. Match the right topping with the right food. Use your mouse to play. Enjoy!

Elegant Wedding Dress Up Elegant Wedding Dress Up: Wedding fashion is essential for the big day, and this brand new wedding dress up game gives you everything you need to dress this beautiful bride for her special wedding day!

Unique Fashion Unique Fashion: Mystic is anything but ordinary,when it comes to fashion she has to be different and unique compared to everyone else! Can you help her come up with a one off outfit which has never been created?

Johana Dress Up Johana Dress Up-Johana Dress Up: Help Johana choose the most fashionable clothes of all.rnrn

Choose the Best Uniform Choose the Best Uniform: New semester is just beginning. There are so many kinds of beautiful uniforms. Which one would you like?

Windy Sea Windy Sea: Having a holiday at the beach in the summer is always a wonderful idea. You have to prepare carefully for your holiday with shoes, bags, hats, camera, sun cream... But must remember to pack your bags with the most beautiful clothes and dresses

HK Cafe HK Cafe: Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and being drag out, it has to be thrown to the rubbish bin and cooked again. $50 will be deducted for wastage. Once food is dragged on the plate/bowl, you can not move them n

Give her the best look Give her the best look-Give her the best look: This is a very interesting game. Click on the "STAR" button up side of your screen. We will see who can find the most beautiful girl.

Oriental Dress up Oriental Dress up: Are you familiar with Oriental Culture? What do you know about it? This collection took the inspiration from Japanese Dresses with Japanese Stylized traditional Dresses and long twisted bun in hairdo. Come to see more!

The Princess Playroom The Princessrsquo;s Playroom: Come to design and decorate a place where Princess plays with her friends. Is it dreamlike?

Choose a Pet Choose your favorite pets. You can change their sizes by clicking on the colorful arrows.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our future first lady, Michelle Obama is featured on the cover of Ok! Magazine and she takes the time to give the world some insight about the what happens behind the scene in the Obama family household.

Herersquo;s a portion of the article:

As her husband, President-elect Barack Obama prepares to become the nationrsquo;s new Commander-in-Chief, Michelle Obama has coined a new title for herself - Mom-in-Chief - one she proudly admits to inventing.
But the First Lady isnrsquo;t worried about the transition and is ready to weather the storm, as long as she can still fix her girlsrsquo; hair and put them to bed at night, according to OK!. Michelle adds, her only concern is that she wishes she could pull herself together as fast as her husband does. ldquo;Barack puts on his suit, tie and hersquo;s out the door,rdquo; she recently told ldquo;The View.rdquo; ldquo;Irsquo;m getting my hair, makeup, the kidshellip;rdquo; Meanwhile, the CIC is pulling double duty as well. Barack Obama may be the new president, but when it comes to being involved in his girls life, hersquo;s present for parent-teacher meetings, ballet recitals and reading Harry Potter, just like most parents across the country. Before jetting off to the White House Monday, he kissed his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, goodbye and dropped them off at school.

I canrsquo;t wait to see this family in The White House!


(Posted By: Kevin Halltrade; | Date: November 13th 200)