Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Cystic Acne Treatment Can Cure Acne

Unfortunately if a person is suffering from cystic acne and needs treating, it can in some cases actually be resistant to the kind of cystic acne treatments that are available. For some people using a cystic acne treatment, they may find that they suffer from certain side effects which can often be just as upsetting to the person as the skin condition itself.

There are some things that they should be aware of before they start any course of treatment for cystic acne.

As with the other forms of acne, the cause of cystic acne is caused by a person's glands producing too much oil in their skin. Currently there are no definitive ways of curing this particular kind of skin condition and the ways in which current treatments work still needs to be understood fully.

When it comes to actually treating this form of acne it can be extremely difficult especially if the condition is severe. Often cystic acne is resistant to many topical medications as well as some of the more commonly used ones. Today the most common way of treating this particular form of acne is through the use of either accutane or isotretinoin. But be warned you may experience some kinds of side effects during the course of your treatment and below, we provide you with some tips to help ensure that your cystic acne treatment does not end up leaving you with too many side effects as well.

Accutane can actually dry your skin out and this may result in your lips becoming chapped and your eyes drying out. So always ensure that you have some lip balm with you throughout your course of treatment. If you wear contact lenses then you may find it easier to wear your glasses rather than contact lenses during the treatment.

This particular treatment for cystic acne will also make a person's muscles ache. By carrying out gentle exercises and also taking plenty of rest on a regular basis will help prevent this particular side effect from becoming any worse.

Although cystic acne treatment can lead to certain side effects two of which we have mentioned above however many patients do find that once they have completed their course of treatment, their acne problems do subside. So if you are looking for a way to treat cystic acne and is willing to make the effort and live with the side effects for the time whilst being treated the results will be worth all the effort that you take.

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