Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Arrange a Great Block Party

There is always a great fun involve in doing things together.A Block party is one of them where all the children, Moms and Dad come together to have fun and enjoyment. Find out the tip on how to arrange such a big party.

Did you ever hear of block parties? Let us recommend them. They are something different in the way of parties. We live in a new district and, like many new districts, there are many children. In our block the children are all about the same age, and as a result the parents and children have become well acquainted.

Children have birthdays , and birthdays mean parties first one home and then another. The novelty had worn off. Was not there something new and entirely different to do? We all got together to plan and the block-party idea was born.

Our house became Union Station for the evening. At six o'clock the travelers (children) arrived ready for the first part of their journey. Under the care of the Conductor and Engineer (entertainment committee) all embarked for Hawaii (a neighbors house across the street). In true Hawaiian style each guest was presented with a paper flower lei to wear for travel. While the guests nibbled slices of fresh pineapple and crackers the young hostess, who belongs to a dancing class, entertained with a Hawaiian dance.

Next came the long trip to China. Here Chinese lanterns were everywhere. By lantern light the travelers ate big plates of Chow-Mien on the spacious back porch. Then they hit the road again for Turkey, that land of romance and mystery. Entering the home of the Sultan, the travelers were cordially welcomed by the sons and daughters of the household, who were attractively dressed in Turkish costumes. A serving of date pudding completed the ample meal the travelers had gathered along the way.

Then followed an uneventful passage to America and incidentally a visit to an Indian village (another home). Here Heap Big Chief and his tribe gave their Indian dances, showed their wonderful rugs, beads and weapons, and for a finish served some of their native food, Popped Corn.

On the wing again a flying trip to Union Station, point of departure to play some games children in other countries enjoy.

First came a Chinese game called Dragons Tail. All the children lined up, hands on shoulders of the child ahead. The first child became the head of the dragon and the last the tail. The hostess called out, one-two-three-go! At the signal the head tried to catch the tail. In and out around the amusement room wove the dragon (line of youngsters), the head trying valiantly to tag the tail. The whole body moved with the head and remained unbroken. If the head caught the tail that child continued to be head. If the body broke first, he became the tail. The very minute someone let go, the Dragon died. This Chinese game was strenuous and hilarious.

After this exciting game it was good to sit quietly in a circle. Indian corn was used for this popular Indian game. One child hid the kernels of corn in one of his hands, and standing before another child in the circle said, Guess how many? He asked his question first of one child and then of another in the group until he had been all around the circle. Of course, the child who guessed the correct number, or the nearest correct, won, and became 'IT' for the next game.

Conference:� International Children' s Day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion Designer Handbag

High fashion designer handbags will be the one thing that sets the hearts alight this holiday season. You can count on seeing a smile on the face of your loved ones this season with the addition of a designer handbag, manbag or accessory to their gift list. The prices for these items will run from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the item and which designer you are purchasing.

There is a wide variety of quality handbags that are available and it is recommended that you stick with the classics. This is because they never go out of style and the woman in your life can use them season after season and year after year. Cared for properly, they will last for years and still be fashionable and still go with anything in her collection.

If price is a concern for you, you can look to the Internet for some relief on that front. You will find that there are many reputable sites that will offer used or deeply discounted prices on designer bags. You will want to be careful here. You will want to know whether what you are buying is the real thing or a replica handbag. The first clue to which is which is going to be in the price that you pay for them.

The idea of buying replica handbags is one that you can consider. It is best that you know whom you are purchasing the replica bag from. There are knock off bags that are sold that have the look and feel of the designer bags and are not counterfeit bags. The sale of counterfeit bags is illegal. The sale of knock-off products is not illegal and any replica bag that is made to look like the designer bags without counterfeiting the designer replica handbags, you have the look you want and a price you can live with. Replica bags today are very high quality and can fool even the most proficient expert.

Most of us cannot afford the prices of the real designer handbags but we still want to have the look of the designer handbag. We can have that by buying the knock-off replica handbags and you can get them in many stores and online.

If you find them on the street, a truck sale or in someone's trunk, do yourself a favor and walk away. These are cheap and will not last, plus they will not be legal handbags. The knock-off replicas are legal and will also be made to a much higher quality standard then what you will find on the street. When you are looking at buying your knock-off replica handbag online, check out the seller and ask any questions you might have about the handbags you want to buy. If they do not answer all your questions, go someplace else to buy your handbags.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stardoll dress up games Colection

Caribbean Pirate Girls Caribbean Pirate Girls: This collection created with the Inspiration coming from Caribbean Pirate Girls. Dressing up for this Pirate Girls may bring you a new ideas for dressing up, breaking the old order.

Beatiful Princess Hippies Princess with beautiful Dresses: Why does this beautiful princess look a little bit hippish? Come to help her.

Clothes for Holiday Clothes for Holiday: What are you going to go for this holiday season? Hope that it will be a great holiday for you. Now let's come to pack your bags with clothes and necessary things. I think these clothes should be in your bag first.

Crazy cafeteria Help Mikey fill the orders as they come in at the Cafeteria. Match the right topping with the right food. Use your mouse to play. Enjoy!

Elegant Wedding Dress Up Elegant Wedding Dress Up: Wedding fashion is essential for the big day, and this brand new wedding dress up game gives you everything you need to dress this beautiful bride for her special wedding day!

Unique Fashion Unique Fashion: Mystic is anything but ordinary,when it comes to fashion she has to be different and unique compared to everyone else! Can you help her come up with a one off outfit which has never been created?

Johana Dress Up Johana Dress Up-Johana Dress Up: Help Johana choose the most fashionable clothes of all.rnrn

Choose the Best Uniform Choose the Best Uniform: New semester is just beginning. There are so many kinds of beautiful uniforms. Which one would you like?

Windy Sea Windy Sea: Having a holiday at the beach in the summer is always a wonderful idea. You have to prepare carefully for your holiday with shoes, bags, hats, camera, sun cream... But must remember to pack your bags with the most beautiful clothes and dresses

HK Cafe HK Cafe: Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and being drag out, it has to be thrown to the rubbish bin and cooked again. $50 will be deducted for wastage. Once food is dragged on the plate/bowl, you can not move them n

Give her the best look Give her the best look-Give her the best look: This is a very interesting game. Click on the "STAR" button up side of your screen. We will see who can find the most beautiful girl.

Oriental Dress up Oriental Dress up: Are you familiar with Oriental Culture? What do you know about it? This collection took the inspiration from Japanese Dresses with Japanese Stylized traditional Dresses and long twisted bun in hairdo. Come to see more!

The Princess Playroom The Princessrsquo;s Playroom: Come to design and decorate a place where Princess plays with her friends. Is it dreamlike?

Choose a Pet Choose your favorite pets. You can change their sizes by clicking on the colorful arrows.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our future first lady, Michelle Obama is featured on the cover of Ok! Magazine and she takes the time to give the world some insight about the what happens behind the scene in the Obama family household.

Herersquo;s a portion of the article:

As her husband, President-elect Barack Obama prepares to become the nationrsquo;s new Commander-in-Chief, Michelle Obama has coined a new title for herself - Mom-in-Chief - one she proudly admits to inventing.
But the First Lady isnrsquo;t worried about the transition and is ready to weather the storm, as long as she can still fix her girlsrsquo; hair and put them to bed at night, according to OK!. Michelle adds, her only concern is that she wishes she could pull herself together as fast as her husband does. ldquo;Barack puts on his suit, tie and hersquo;s out the door,rdquo; she recently told ldquo;The View.rdquo; ldquo;Irsquo;m getting my hair, makeup, the kidshellip;rdquo; Meanwhile, the CIC is pulling double duty as well. Barack Obama may be the new president, but when it comes to being involved in his girls life, hersquo;s present for parent-teacher meetings, ballet recitals and reading Harry Potter, just like most parents across the country. Before jetting off to the White House Monday, he kissed his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, goodbye and dropped them off at school.

I canrsquo;t wait to see this family in The White House!


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Louis Vuitton Handbags Still Go With Everything You Own

A great accessory to have where ever you go is the right purse. Any Louis Vuitton handbag will add to your look and style. There are many different styles of purses, carry-alls and backpacks to choose from. If you have to look more professional for work or business, you need one of the monogram series of briefcases. If you are just going for a casual night out then you may want to pick one of the clutches. Louis Vuitton handbags also come in a multi-colored series for fun at the beach or pool. Make sure you are always prepared no matter where you are at or what the season is. Look great where ever you are or whatever the occasion with the right accessory. When you work in the office you need to look professional, but no one says you cannot look professional and fabulous. With Louis Vuitton handbags you can do this. They make a monogram style hand bag that looks very professional, but also, very stylish. When you sport your monogram handbag at work, you will turn heads around the office. Some people do not know the fine line that separates casual from business. Monogram Louis Vuitton handbags are a nice mix of a classy business casual. Denim cargos are perfect for a night out on the town. Denim Louis Vuitton handbags give you style that says you are classy, but laid back. Denim bags are perfect for more casual dress. Have you ever wanted to make that one girl across the bar jealous? With denim Louis Vuitton handbags you will. You will be the envy of the night club when you walk in with your new accessories. Make the scene at your next party or club. With denim Louis Vuitton handbags you can be the center of attention and the talk of the town. When it is time for summer, you need to dress accordingly and accessories are no exception. When it is the summer season you should dress light and in colors that stand out and that tell everyone that you are ready for the beach. Multi-colored totes are the perfect addition to your summer dress or bathing suit. You will make a splash with you multi-colored tote. A lot of people go to the beach or pool and have no idea what to accessorize with. They are confused about the right colors and patterns to adorn themselves with. If that is the case for you, Louis Vuitton handbags are always a good choice. Do not be the one girl who can not accessorize, get yourself a multi-colored tote.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Italy Cooking School Tours: How To Choose The Right One For You

Cooking school tours in Italy and around the world have multiplied like zucchinis in a summer garden. This article tells you how to sift through the overwhelming choice of Italian cooking tours and find the right one for you, so you experience a feast for your senses, heart, mind and soul, a trip of a lifetime and avoid disappointments. A cooking holiday in Italy can add up to a big investment of time and money. Maybe you've been dreaming for years about a cooking school tour in Italy. Maybe it's a special trip to celebrate a 40th, 50, 60th birthday or a big anniversary with family and friends you love. How to choose an Italian cooking school tour that gives you the joy and value you expect? How to protect your investment in your trip? Ask yourself these 10 questions. 1. What is important to me in my Italian cooking tour? List what's important to you in your cooking tour. Read tour itineraries critically with the mind of a detective. If an itinerary seems vague, ask the tour operator detailed questions. Here are some examples of what may be important to you and what to look for in tour itineraries. A. Lots of cooking lessons? How many lessons are in the itinerary? B. Lots of wine visits? How many winery visits and wine tastings are in the itinerary? Where do they take place? In wineries with the producer? In wine shops with a knowledgeable staff member? C. Lots of stimulating food visits? What kind? Cheese and olive oil producers? Truffle hunting? Make sure the itinerary has visits that make YOUR mouth water. D. Immersing yourself in Italian life? How many different local people do you meet and how many different towns or locations do you visit? What kind of Italian cultural experiences delight you? Meeting an artist in his ceramic studio? Cooking in a family's home and dining with the family? Are these events in your tour? 2. What is my budget? Prices for a six day Italian cooking tour package vary from about $2000 to 5100 Cdn or $1900 to $4800 U.S. Four day tours go from about $1200 to 3400 Cdn or $1100 to $3200 U.S. at current exchange rates. 3. What kind of accommodation is best for me? Some people are happy in simple, clean rooms in B Bs with minimal decor because they're hardly ever in the room. They prefer to put their money towards special food and wine experiences. Is this you? Others want beautiful, four star hotels or country properties with magnificent views and rooms oozing with historical charm and designer decor. Is this you? 4. What kind of excursions do I want? Is this your first time in this particular region so you prefer sightseeing? Are you a foodie hungering for gastronomic adventures or a wine lover thirsting for winery tours? If you'd like a bit of it all, how much sightseeing and how many food and wine visits do you want? Often cheaper tours offer mostly sightseeing where you explore and shop in medieval towns and admire beautiful country panoramas. More expensive tours give you exclusive gastronomic visits where you watch artisan producers making cheese or tour wineries with owners who tell you all you ever wanted to know about their wines and give you special tastings. 5. When do I want to travel in Italy? Are you keen on the wine harvest? Food lovers swarm to Italy for the wine harvest in September and October when you have a large number of cooking tour choices so reserve early. Is warm weather important? Generally in most parts of Italy, mid May to mid October are warm to hot. July and August in some parts of Italy may be too hot for you. Would you like a quieter time when chefs and winery owners can give you more personal attention? You'll find a good choice of cooking tours in May and June. In steaming mid August most Italian businesses shut for annual summer holidays. Cities empty out. Masses flock to the mountains or beaches, leaving cities like Florence to the tourists. You'll find less cooking school choice in August. 6. How many people in my cooking class? Six or eight? You'll get to prepare the whole lunch or dinner menu. Ten or more? You'll join the "eggplant" or "tiramisu" team and not learn how to make the other dishes. But the more the merrier! A larger class also may give you demonstration style, not hands-on lessons. Which do you prefer? 7. What level of cooking teacher and class do I need? You can savour once in a lifetime experiences with great home cooks on their farms. If you're a gourmet cook, you may prefer more professional level cooking lessons with restaurant chefs. Check cooking teachers' qualifications. Ask about class level. Most classes are geared to food loving tourists, ranging from gourmet cooks to rank beginners. If the thought of cooking with people who can't separate eggs gives you nightmares, gather your own group of good cooks together for a private cooking tour or classes. 8. What kind of cooking lessons do I like? Hands-on lessons where you put your hands in the flour, or demonstration style classes where you watch the chef's expert moves and ask lots of questions? Many demonstration classes tend to be large from 10 to even 20 people. Julia Childs reportedly had 40 disciples watching her in classes at the five star Hotel Cipriani in Venice and following her in a long line through the Rialto market. 9. Where do I eat on my cooking tour? Do you want to eat in a variety of local restaurants, so you get a real flavour of different cooking styles and towns and countryside in Italy? Or do you prefer quieter meals at your country villa or estate, where the chef feels like an Italian family member? Less expensive cooking tours feature most meals at home, while more expensive ones take you to more restaurants. 10. What is included and not included in the price of my cooking tour? Some tour itineraries don't make it crystal clear what's included. Some say "optional" excursions or lunch "on your own" which mean you pay extra. Some say "evening at leisure" which means free time and dining on your own. 11. Ask for references If you want to feel reassured you've chosen the right Italian cooking tour, ask the tour operator for names of past tour clients and their e-mails. Contact them to find out first hand if the itinerary delivers on what you want to experience. For many food and wine lovers, taking a cooking tour in Italy means a long time dream is coming true and represents a big investment of time and money. Make sure your dream becomes a fabulous real experience. When you have a short list of tours that appeal to you, read the itineraries critically and ask yourself these 10 questions. Buon viaggio! Buon appetito!