Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stardoll dress up games Colection

Caribbean Pirate Girls Caribbean Pirate Girls: This collection created with the Inspiration coming from Caribbean Pirate Girls. Dressing up for this Pirate Girls may bring you a new ideas for dressing up, breaking the old order.

Beatiful Princess Hippies Princess with beautiful Dresses: Why does this beautiful princess look a little bit hippish? Come to help her.

Clothes for Holiday Clothes for Holiday: What are you going to go for this holiday season? Hope that it will be a great holiday for you. Now let's come to pack your bags with clothes and necessary things. I think these clothes should be in your bag first.

Crazy cafeteria Help Mikey fill the orders as they come in at the Cafeteria. Match the right topping with the right food. Use your mouse to play. Enjoy!

Elegant Wedding Dress Up Elegant Wedding Dress Up: Wedding fashion is essential for the big day, and this brand new wedding dress up game gives you everything you need to dress this beautiful bride for her special wedding day!

Unique Fashion Unique Fashion: Mystic is anything but ordinary,when it comes to fashion she has to be different and unique compared to everyone else! Can you help her come up with a one off outfit which has never been created?

Johana Dress Up Johana Dress Up-Johana Dress Up: Help Johana choose the most fashionable clothes of all.rnrn

Choose the Best Uniform Choose the Best Uniform: New semester is just beginning. There are so many kinds of beautiful uniforms. Which one would you like?

Windy Sea Windy Sea: Having a holiday at the beach in the summer is always a wonderful idea. You have to prepare carefully for your holiday with shoes, bags, hats, camera, sun cream... But must remember to pack your bags with the most beautiful clothes and dresses

HK Cafe HK Cafe: Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and being drag out, it has to be thrown to the rubbish bin and cooked again. $50 will be deducted for wastage. Once food is dragged on the plate/bowl, you can not move them n

Give her the best look Give her the best look-Give her the best look: This is a very interesting game. Click on the "STAR" button up side of your screen. We will see who can find the most beautiful girl.

Oriental Dress up Oriental Dress up: Are you familiar with Oriental Culture? What do you know about it? This collection took the inspiration from Japanese Dresses with Japanese Stylized traditional Dresses and long twisted bun in hairdo. Come to see more!

The Princess Playroom The Princessrsquo;s Playroom: Come to design and decorate a place where Princess plays with her friends. Is it dreamlike?

Choose a Pet Choose your favorite pets. You can change their sizes by clicking on the colorful arrows.

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