Monday, March 23, 2009

Barbie Tea Party 5 years

For my daughters 5th bday we had a Barbie Tea Party. I got most of my ideas from your website. Since it was a girlie tea party we wanted everything to be very fancy. Everything was done in pink and purple. I made the invitations on my computer. I used a 5x7 piece of purple cardstock then had a 4x6 piece of solid pink paper covered by white vellum paper and all tied together with a purple bow at the top.
The party information was printed on the vellum. The room was decorated with pink and purple balloons floating everywhere. The table was covered with a pink tablecloth with white heart shaped doilys at each seat. The chairs were covered with pink fabric and then a purple sash made of tulle was tied around the back of each chair making a big purple bow on the back of each one. I rented real tea cups and saucers at a local party store and also purchased a very pretty teapot. The gift and food table were covered with a pink and purple tablecloth. We used silver serving platters, that I actually got at a local Dollar Store, for the food. For food we served cocktail weenie pigs in a blanket, chips, pink punch, and I used a large heart shaped cookie cutter to make peanut butter and jelly and chicken salad sandwiches. At the center of the food table on a pedestal was a beautiful Barbie doll cake with the cake part being Barbie's dress. On either side of the cake were vases with pink flowers.
At each seat we had Barbie teapot shaped place cards with each girls name on them that I purchased at a local party store. We had 11 girls including the birthday girl. When the girls arrived we had all of my daughters barbie's and barbie doll accessories in the middle of the room for the girls to play with until our special guest arrived. A girl my husband worked with volunteered to play Barbie for us. When Barbie arrived the girls were so excited to see her, every girl truly believed she was Barbie. Barbie brought in a basket containing a new Barbie outfit for each girl and then sat down and helped them all dress their Barbie's. Once all the Barbies were dressed the girls sat down with Barbie and had tea (punch). Barbie poured tea for each girl into their real teacups from the teapot. Then Barbie just spent some time getting to know the girls while they ate food and cake.
After tea time each girl was given a plastic teacup with paintbrushes, paint and Barbie stickers and Barbie helped them decorate their own teacups. I lucked up on a ton of Barbie Tea Party supplies marked 1/2 off at a local party store. Next we played a form of pin the tail on the donkey. My mom had drawn a teapot on a large piece of posterboard without the stem. Each girl was blindfolded by Barbie and given a stem to try to pin on the right part of the teapot. After this Barbie gathered the girls in a circle so Kasey could open her gifts. Barbie sat with the birthday girl and passed her each gift. After the gifts were opened each girl took a picture with Barbie and these were sent to them with their Thank You cards. Then it was time for Barbie to leave. The girls were sad to see her go. After Barbie left we went out and the girls took turns with a Barbie pinata until it was broke. We didn't do goody bags because the girls got to take home their Barbie outfit, their decorated teacup, and the candy they got out of the pinata. I spent alot more money then I expected but watching how much fun the girls had made it worth it all. I am so glad your website was there with so many helpful ideas!!!


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